10 ways to use a car for more creative video shooting

10 ways to use a car for more creative video shooting

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Vimeo shows you how a vehicle can be used for a variety of shots, replacing dollies and the need for expensive equipment.

THIS TUTORIAL by Vimeo packs so much info into three minutes it’s worth breaking out the sections in a list:

  • Tracking shot (shooting out of trunk, following subject)
  • Chasing shot (camera mounted out window facing forward)
  • Side dolly shot (camera mounted out window facing sideways)
  • Slow push (shooting out of trunk, approaching subject)
  • Circling shot (putting car in neutral and pushing around subject)
  • “Helicopter” effect (driving shooting from overpass)
  • “Out of body” effect (subject filmed on hood with car moving)
  • Bird’s eye view (static, using roof of vehicle)
  • Driving shot (use backseat, keeping hands out of frame)
  • “Thrown out of car” effect (splicing two different scenes)

What tricks have you used for mounting cameras in-vehicle or using a car to film in creative ways? Interested in working one on one with Matador producers? Consider the travel filmmaking program at MatadorU.

Watch the video: How to Create Cinematic Car Shots


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